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Puffy's Dispensary

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Puffy’s dispensary we’ve got some fun updates and some serious updates for you first off the fun updates currently right now.

Puffy’s has over 20 strains on the shelf for medical marijuana patients we also have a wide variety of other products including gummies, Vape cartridges, tinctures pre-pack American-made chillums, and pre-rolled Joints. Stop on in at any time at 2120 West Main Street Unit 5 in Rapid City to pick up any of those products make sure you have your medical marijuana card state issued South Dakota and your driver’s license and we can help take care of you. Currently right now we’re building out our Sturgis location amongst others in Rapid City in the surrounding areas and they should be ready to go by the beginning of the year so stay tuned follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and we’ll be sure to get you some more.

Now for the serious part. We have a serious dogfight on our hands with initiated measure 27. We need your support in voting yes on adult use cannabis we’ve already passed cannabis in South Dakota with Amendment with 54 percent of the majority vote in 2020. As some of you may know it was struck down in the Supreme Court of South Dakota for being unconstitutional for violating single subject rule. It was a flawed decision in my opinion because cannabis is cannabis whether it’s adult use medical or hemp it all comes from the same plant it’s an arbitrary number of THC that separates the difference we are having a huge campaign going on right now in South Dakota you have made seen in some of your local jurisdictions the vote Yes on 27 signs and we need your support whatever you can do whether it’s going down to The Ballot Box early bringing friends and family to go vote putting signs up spreading Awareness on Facebook amongst other social media we need your help in passing I am 27.

Currently right now it is extremely hard for our veterans who have served this country to get a medical marijuana card. The VA is a federally funded program and cannot issue a recommendation for our veterans I am 27 is the fastest path to getting our veterans the help they need our opponents have stated that South Dakota is going to turn into Colorado I can assure you it’s definitely not Colorado implemented and was the first to implement policy regarding adult use cannabis but they had a wide Myriad of other policies that affected how Colorado operates as a community the same way as South Dakota implements policies on how South Dakota operates as a community now in South Dakota regarding cannabis specifically we’ve looked to other states to see how to do things correctly versus how not to do things and we’ve learned those mistakes and we’ve implemented them here in the Cannabis program one of those big takeaways is having dispensaries on every street corner that doesn’t happen in South Dakota there’s a limited number of dispensaries based on which jurisdiction you live in most jurisdictions in South Dakota have capped the number of retail establishments in their local communities which means more regulatory control over who distributes adult use marijuana when that comes time in 19 out of 19 States every single state that has legalized adult use cannabis has grandfathered in their existing medical programs that’s because medical cannabis has to abide by CFR ratings for their child proof packaging in the same way pharmaceutical companies have to do that and that’s very very key the black market does not ID when they go to sell anyone cannabis and license retail establishments we have to check and verify that you’re a valid resident of South Dakota or any state and make sure that you’re over the age of 21. we put those products in child proof packaging and on top of that an opaque containers with labels that clearly indicate what’s in the material because it’s been tested by a verified Testing Lab using ISO certification which is a National Standard in testing the black market doesn’t do that one of the big takeaways I think from this is that proponents and opponents alike have a common goal in protecting South Dakota kids except we want to do it completely differently voting yes on I am 27 puts regulated adult use cannabis in a market that’s contained regulated monitored under security camera lock and key whereas opponents want to continue the status quo of having the black market be the ones that control it where they don’t ID your children I think it’s very very important that even though I am a pro-ponent of I am 27 we want to still protect South Dakota kids in a different way because the war on drugs and this the current status quo has not worked it’s very clear so I would urge you vote Yes on I am 27 change the status quo take what is in the black market and put it into a regulated market so we can help those
who need it thank you.